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Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

Xceed aims to establish a model of corporate governance and social responsibility by striving to reach internationally recognized standards of economic performance, environmental practices, workers rights, and social welfare within the company and in the communities in which we operate.

Human Rights and Labor Practices

Xceed prides itself on being in the top tier of companies in Egypt in terms of benefits offered. We believe in leading by example. Employees are offered benefits on par with global standards of multinational companies.

At Xceed, we maintain and respect the basic rights of our employees while ensuring the quality of our work and our working environment. We try to encourage diversity and gender equality within the workplace whenever possible; Xceed offers all entry-level employees a similar competitive salary and benefits offer regardless of gender. Xceed has strived for equal numbers regarding gender within the company.

We, at Xceed, were very keen on hiring the disabled individuals who currently comprise 5% of the company workforce.
The Corporate Governance within Xceed is based on the Egyptian labor law no. 12 for the year 2003. The aim of this law is for each company to adopt a clear and transparent policy on corporate governance and to ensure that this policy is well publicized.
The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy of Xceed is the basic document directing our CSR initiatives; the target of working out the CSR Policy is to create a uniform CSR platform for Xceed. The policy defines priorities and directions of CSR activities of our organization, and also allows creating ways of tracing the progress. Thus, the Policy is a starting point for introducing the CSR practices of Xceed.

Social Responsibility (CSR) Scope

Xceed believes in conducting business in a manner which achieves sustainable growth and development whilst demonstrating a high degree of social responsibility. This approach creates a source of competitive advantage for our business.
We are committed to developing community programs which support our values and further promote our recognition as an active contributor to our local community development.

Social Responsibility (CSR) Purpose

  • Raise employees’ environmental awareness
  • Gain employee commitment and support for the campaign
  • Cooperate within a framework of common values and goals
  • Secure evidence to bolster public support
  • Personal Involvement of Employees

We believe that our responsibility is not only about the money we spend but the efforts exerted behind this. Therefore, voluntary efforts of employees are highly recommended in community development programs.
Our employees are the soul of our business. We seek to provide them with, not only competitive salaries, but also a friendly work environment. We are fully aware that investing in human resources is paramount to success, not only for the sake of the company but also for the career growth of our employees. We provide training to enhance their behavioral, communication, and language skills and encourage them to volunteer in community activities.
Employees will be encouraged to further donate to support our corporate responsibility initiatives and to engage in community involvement activities.