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Xceed’s facilities and infrastructure were created, as one would expect, with the express intentions of mitigating risk and ensuring business continuity, a future-proof strategy which guarantees long-term commitment clients support.  Xceed has ensured that the customers it serves and their information are protected from unknown disasters with the ability to minimize the impact of disaster scenarios through architecture that helps mitigate risks and also provides tools and technologies that expedite recovery.  Therefore Xceed has taken the extra step to ensure that the datacenters and networks follow Data Replication and Business Continuance best practices mandate.

Xceed Contact Center recognizes that security is a major concern for its clients and has therefore consolidated with other vendors security solutions so that it may maximize network and data security to protect intellectual property of clients.

Several attractive features of Xceed site in Egypt

  • 16,000 square meters surface area spread out over four stories
  • 20,000 square meters underground basement to host data center, equipment room and garage
  • 400 workstations on each floor to accommodate the maximum of 1600 seats.
  • An additional site with a capacity of 600 seats located in Maadi Call Center Park to reach a maximum operating capacity of 2000 web-enabled, multi-channel workstations.
  • UPSs and generators rooms
  • Spacious, unstructured agent work spaces free of barriers
  • Building facade constructed with double-glass and structural-curtain-wall to ensure a high degree of sound insulation
  • Raised floors and suspended ceilings throughout the entire building
  • Flexible modular partition system allows for reconfiguration of agents’ work space, depending on client’s requirements
  • Advanced fire repellent system: gas-based in equipment areas and water-based in agent areas
  • Acoustically-engineered design in all agent areas
  • Central security room connected to all-digital CCTVs System and access card control system throughout the building
  • Power outlets connected to UPS systems and back-up generators
  • High quality finishing and fixtures on both the interior and exterior of the building
  • Food court area and recreation area for breaks and events
  • 18 training rooms located at the main site each with a capacity of 17 attendees
  • Use of Telecom Egypt’s carrier-class communication networks to connect to clients and to the Internet
  • Earthquake-resistant design of concrete and base foundation of the building
  • Cutting-edge redundant and fault tolerant IT infrastructure