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"Xceed prides itself on being in the top tier of companies in Egypt in terms of benefits offered. We believe in leading by example. Employees are offered benefits that compete with global standards of multinational companies.

Xceed recruits agents trained in the client’s culture and industry with multilingual skills and neutral accents. The Human resources sustains that our employees are working in an environment with the client’s branding material to help motivate and promote loyalty.

To ensure our clients consistently get the quality and level of service they expect, we place our employees at the heart of the business, formulating strategies aiming at elevating employee satisfaction and excellent performance levels. Our Human Resources Team is focused on developing practical strategies with a mission statement driven by a high sense of commitment to “People”: We are committed to provide our employees with a stable work environment and equal opportunities for learning and personal growth.

Xceed training programs are designed using a model that focuses on the technical, functional, and behavioral aspects we feel are necessary to perform with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

It is the HR responsibility to ensure that our new hires’ calibers are up to the COPC®-2000 standards while during their training they are educated to the understanding and complying with the standards to ensure consistently high levels of performance at the call center.

While Xceed offers one of the best benefits enrollments in the market ensured by employee surveys that it suits perfectly needs of the employees .The benefits include but are not limited to; medical, pension and life insurance .In addition to many other benefits offered by the recreation team.
In addition, all Xceed new hires are thoroughly introduced to the corporate values and culture and specific emphasis is given to how these values “guide them to better performance.”