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Xceed’s solutions are based on advanced technology expertise, proven best practices and methodologies, and global experience that reduce the time, cost and risk of altering business technology. Our clients are served every step of the client relationship cycle by professional team members. All members exhibit strong client culture awareness acquired by more than mere cultural training.
Since Xceed is partially owned by Telecom Egypt (TE), the sole landline Telco Provider in Egypt with a total share of 98.5%, we provide very reliable and cost effective solutions to our clients. We have the ability on customizing our solutions based on the telco support that we receive from TE, our mother company.
Xceed is proud to say that we provide innovative customized end-to-end solutions based entirely on in-house resources. Our Research and Development Team is continuously striving to provide our clients with pioneering solutions, using their global expertise to develop advanced technology and best practice methodologies. Our experienced professionals work with clients in their respective fields to plan and design novel life-cycle solutions to address specific business requirements and needs. Existing models are also continuously evaluated and reengineered to renovate across all facets of a solution's cycle including Processes, Types of Services, and Delivery.

This drive for innovation and constant improvement has enabled Xceed to achieve:

15 to 40 percent reduction in the overall customer service operations cost
20 percent improvement on targets set by clients