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 Xceed is committed to the continuous development of its quality standards, rooted at the core of its operations. This was initially manifested in Xceed’s acquisition of the COPC International Inc. Certification (COPC®-2000) which is dedicated to the Optimized Operational practices and Excellence in Contact Center Management. We are proud to be the first certified entity in the Middle East and Africa since 2005.
For Continuous Process Improvement and Problem solving, Xceed utilizes the Six-Sigma Methodology and Lean Tools through its black belt certified employees to improve the performance of its processes while building on improvement opportunities.
In terms of control, Xceed utilizes statistical process control to continuously assess the health of its metrics, amend and improve them, the improvement initiatives are carried out rigorously for consistent continuity.
Our business objectives and indicators are monitored and developed to sustain and improve an integrated Quality Management System. These objectives serve the best interest of our stakeholders, clients, end users and staff.