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Egypt an attractive element as an outsourcing destination
The most attractive feature of the Egyptian economy is the availability of a large, highly educated labour pool. With a dynamic blend of education, language skills, and low wages, the Egyptian workforce is becoming one of the most sought after in the world of labour-intensive industries such as technology and services due to the following reasons:

• Egypt’s economic freedom score is 54.8, GDP $519.0 billion with 1.8% growth in 2013. According to 2013 Index of Economic Freedom
• Egypt has the largest overall education system in the Middle East and North Africa, and it is home to some of the best universities in the region hosting the largest number of students. According to 2011 ITIDA findings
• The total number of university graduates in Egypt in 2011 reached 343.5 thousand over 90,000 graduates suited to IT and business process outsourcing. Around 30,000 students fluent in western European languages graduate from Egyptian universities every year. According to 2011 ITIDA findings
• Wages are competitive compared to Canada, Mexico, Poland, Hungary and South Africa
• The call centre industry is one of the trademarks of Egypt's development strategy; it emerged as one of the fastest growing subsectors of the ICT industry.
• Egypt is ranked as the number one outsourcing destination, with annual growth nearly 50 percent from 2005-2011
• The attrition rate is considered the lowest in contact centre standards
• Contact centre jobs are positively perceived in Egypt, the minimum requirement for all contact centre occupations is a college degree
• The full HR spectrum is available, mid management, higher management as well as support positions
• Egypt is characterized by the availability of a large pool of multilingual agents due to the strong tourism industry with 13 million tourists in 2010 which will reach 14 million in 2011 (Egyptian Ministry of Tourism) and the abundance of foreign universities that reside in Cairo (where Xceed main site is located) including The American University in Cairo (AUC), The German University in Cairo (GUC), The Canadian College, The French University, as well as The British University of Egypt (BUE). All spoken languages in Egypt are accent neutral which is a strong competitive edge over other offshore outsourcing destinations. In addition, some of the scarce languages are available in Egypt due to the existence of a large number of local and international language institutes such as Berlitz, Inlingua and others. According 2011 ITIDA findings

Facts & Figures on Smart Village

Xceed’s main site is one of largest and most sophisticated contact centres in the Southern Mediterranean region with a capacity of 2,000 web-enabled, multi-channel workstations located in the Smart Village (km 28 Cairo/Alex Road), the region’s largest and most advanced Technology Park.

Xceed’s main site location in The Smart Village Technology Park provides us with the advantages of incomparable access to a highly educated workforce and operational support of a world-class public infrastructure. The Smart village is a joint venture between the Egyptian government and private sector, providing resident companies with a technologically advanced power and communications infrastructure, an attractive and value-added working environment and access to a large, highly educated multilingual workforce. International companies are residing within The Smart Village including Microsoft, Oracle, Alcatel, HP, Intel, Motorola, Canon, Nokia Siemens and others to come.
Facts & Figures on Xceed Smart Village and Maadi Site
• 16,000 square meters surface area spread out over four stories
• 20,000 square meters underground basement to host data centre, equipment room and garage
• 400 workstations on each floor to accommodate the maximum of 1600 seats
• An additional site with a capacity of 400 seats located in Maadi Call Center Park to reach a maximum operating capacity of 2000 web-enabled, multi-channel workstations
• UPS and generators room
• Spacious, unstructured agent work spaces free of barriers
• Building facade constructed with double-glass and structural-curtain-wall to ensure a high degree of sound insulation
• Raised floors and high ceilings throughout the entire building
• Flexible modular partition system allows for reconfiguration of agents’ work space, depending on client’s requirements
• Advanced fire repellent system: gas-based in equipment areas and water-based in agent areas
• Acoustically-engineered design in all agent areas
• Central security room connected to all-digital CCTVs System and access card control system throughout the building
• Power outlets connected to UPS systems and back-up generators
• High quality finishing and fixtures on both the interior and exterior of the building
• Food court area and recreation area for breaks and events.
• 14 training rooms located at the main site each with a capacity of 17 attendees. 
• Use of Telecom Egypt’s carrier-class communication networks to connect to clients and to the Internet.
• Earthquake-resistant design of concrete and base foundation of the building
• Cutting-edge redundant and fault tolerant IT infrastructure.