Our People

Xceed has a “people first” culture, as we believe that a company is as good as its people. We celebrate our calibres, promote growth and provide professional development.

Personalized Professional Development

From day one, each employee undergoes core training programs that develop the integral skills needed to productively emerge into Xceed’s culture and core values.



At Xceed, we ensure that each member of our team attains the right dexterities to enjoy great opportunities. Our Performance Development Program is carefully designed to highlight the strengths, progress and career possibilities of our team.


Performance Achievement

Aiming to adopt advanced assessment methods, Xceed has migrated from the annual review process to a real-time forward-looking evaluation process. It encourages conversations about setting priorities and growing strengths, and creates rewarding career opportunities for our people.

Work Environment

Xceed maintains a comfortable and productive atmosphere, with a culture of open communication and positive reinforcement that fosters camaraderie and excellence.


Our office culture emphasizes team-based activities and encourages relationship building, collaboration and knowledge sharing. Xceed’s employees feel motivated and valued every day as they contribute to the success of our clients.

Management Biography

Wael Moustapha


Xceed’s co-founder Wael Moustapha has contributed to the company’s breakthrough, development and success since he joined the firm back in January 2002 as the procurement and administration manager. In 2005, he was promoted to be the procurement and administration director. He managed the selection, construction, full operation and expansion of seven sites in Egypt and two in Morocco. He was involved in both the strategic planning and the day-to- day operations of the premises in particular.
Wael led the procurement and contract management, the facility management, the building and grounds maintenance, the space management administration, in addition to the safety and security. Xceed’s board of directors has appointed him in 2017 as the new chief executive officer for his vast experience and executive excellence.

Amr El Dash

Financial Planning and Control Director

With almost 30 years of experience in financial planning, budgeting, performance Analysis, business valuation and internal Control, Amr El Dash has earned an exceptional track record in managerial positions for the majority of his career.

El Dash had joined Xceed in 2004 to head the company’s financial planning, he was appointed as Financial planning Director in 2007. He oversees the financial planning and performance analysis activities for both Xceed and its subsidiaries. Prior to joining Xceed, El Dash held various positions in different companies and business segments including manufacturing and contracting, through working in ABB, the global market leader in electrical engineering.

Ali Abu Hagar

Finance Director

Finance Director and one of Xceed’s founders Ali Abu Hagar, has joined the company back in 2001 after a vast and diversified experience in the financial sector. He leads the financial management, investments, accounting, and taxes of both Xceed Egypt and Morocco. He has contributed to Xceed’s very good financial position with stable financial growth and solid cash flow management. 

Abu Hagar is a member of the Association of Accountants and Auditors of Egypt and the Egyptian Tax Association. He previously served at KPMG, one of the big four auditing and attestation firms. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and a pre Master’s degree in accounting.

Hassan El Molla

Personnel Director

Xceed’s Personnel Director Hassan El Molla controls all personnel activities and ensures their compliance and conformity with the labor law and social insurance regulations, as well as the company’s internal policies and procedures. El Molla is a professional consultant with a distinguished track record in business management and organizational development, and he is an expert in establishing administrative systems and providing creative solutions and suitable restructure to achieve the success of organizations, helping several mega national and international companies to set up their human resources systems.

With a Doctorate degree in business administration from Ain Shams University and a Master’s degree in organizational development from Sadat Academy for Management Sciences, El Molla is a principal lecturer in a number of organizations and training centers specialized in management and modern management theories and practice, strategic planning, building creative teams, human resource and administration management. He is also a writer and a published author of several books including the renowned: “Organizational development – as therapeutic input for improving organizations’ performance”.

Hussam AlHazik

Sales & Marketing Director

Hussam has joined Xceed early in 2016 as the Sales and Marketing Manager. He has over 20 years of business development and management experience in the field of shared services, customer operations and outsourcing in leadership positions. He previously worked with many large and multinational companies. Hussam is COPC certified with more than one IT track. 

AlHazik is a 1995 graduate of the Faculty of Engineering - Cairo University and holds a Master’s degree in business administration (MBA) from Maastricht School of Management and a licentiate of law from Cairo University.

Khaled Embaby

Corporate Resilience Director

Xceed’s corporate resilience subject matter expert, Khaled Embaby, has over 28 years of experience in business process outsourcing (BPO) and power systems automation technology industries.

Embaby joined Xceed at start-up phase back in 2001 and he is considered one of Xceed’s pillars. He built the company’s first main data center according to international standards, where he delivered optimal values across corporate resilience, information security, change management, business continuity management, and information technology (IT), in addition to governance, audit, compliance, crisis management, and risk management, including conformity to Xceed’s ISO27001, ISO22301 certificates. This had a great impact on Xceed’s resilience as it didn’t only manage to serve its clients through challenging times across multiple sites in different regions, such as during the submarine cable cut of 2008 and 2009 and Egypt’s political distress in 2011 and 2013, but it also expanded its operations to seven sites in Egypt and one in Morocco. Before Xceed, Embaby served as ABB’s systems support manager and had acquired in-depth knowledge in IT services management, including managing data centers and disaster recovery planning until 2001.

Mohamed Hashad

Telecommunication and Information system Director

Mohamed Hashad, Xceed’s Telecom & Information Systems Director with over 20 years in IT and the Telecommunication industries, is responsible for managing the Telecommunications and Information System in Xceed. This entails directing overall technology strategy and architecture, daily IT operation including IT infrastructure, voice and data networks, security and industry leading technology initiatives.
Engineer Hashad is an expert in the field of communications and information technology in the Xceed and holds a Master of Science degree in Management of Technology (MOT) from Nile University. He has a proven track record of more than 20 years of experience in the field of telecommunications networks and information technology industry. 
Prior to joining Xceed, Mr. Hashad has carried out the roles of Senior Networks Manager, Networks Operations Manager, System Engineering Manager, Presales Manager and HW Technical Support Manager. He has vast experience to manage large network and network operations in multiple large organizations operating in the field of information technology.

Mohamed Lotfy

General Manager Xceed Morocco and Head of Offshoring business unit

He is responsible for overseeing all departments for Xceed Morocco and the international operations and projects within Xceed.
Handling various projects and responsibilities, Mr Lotfy has outstanding leadership and communication skills. He is diligent in carrying out tasks and duties. In addition, he is a risk taker, sociable, outgoing and likes interacting with others and he believes in team work.
During his career, Mr Lotfy managed the operations of multi-sites and clients. He has contributed in the company’s growth by building and maintaining an effective management team delivering an outstanding performance and exceeding customer expectations.
Mohamed was born in Giza, Egypt and grew up in France; He earned Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication & Informatics, French Alliance Diplomat and High level French diplomat. He is also registered as a coordinator for the COPC program and has more than 15th years of solid experience in the industry.

Mohamed Ossama Abbas

Human Resources, Programs and Quality Assurance Director

Mohamed Ossama has an extensive experience in the field of information technology, project management, outsourcing companies' operations, and customer service. During his career, he has worked with many major multinational companies such as Shell Egypt Company, Mobinil. Since joining Xceed, he led numerous projects with diverse challenges which demonstrated his exceptional expertise in Project Management and customer care. He has also managed huge projects to build call centers from the early stages till the operational phase, using his experience with varied cultures and management skills.
Mr Ossama also led the recruitment Department of the company for two years, where he and members of his team implemented new ideas that had a positive impact on the quality of recruited personnel, a challenge which has contributed to the enrichment of his experience. In addition to his key role in managing Xceed PMO, he has also been appointed to manage the Quality Assurance Department to enhance and adhere to the international quality standards (ISO & COPC) in the call centers to ensure the best possible customer satisfaction experience.
 Mr. Ossama is also a certified coordinator in quality assurance. (COPC) and holds a master's degree in project management, in addition to receiving a professional certification in project management (PMP).

Norah Abdel Hady

On-Shore Service Delivery Director

Managing national and government projects, Ms Abdel Hady is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of multiple contact centers spanning across a high number of Customer services representatives.  She heads efficient and effective multi-site and multi-client operations of contact centers with a demonstrated experience in building and maintaining optimal teams that are capable of managing these contact centers.
She has deep experience in the CC industry, where she had successfully provided recognized superior service exceeding customer expectations.
She actively participates in maintaining the COPC certification and in setting up the vision and expansion strategy of the contact center activities of Xceed since 2008.  
She also has been representative in various forums such as the annual summit of vendors and customer relationship management.
An electrical communications engineer by education, Ms Abdel Hady is a Certified COPC ® registered coordinator and has diverse experience of 20+ years in customer relationship management, marketing, sales and business development in the fields of Information Technology solutions and operations.

Rasha Ezz El-Din

Solutions Director

Rasha Ezz El-Din is the head of Xceed’s Solutions Department aiming to scan the external environment for new technologies, identify the potential ideas for new programs and design risk mitigation resolutions for businesses associated with respective markets. She also interacts with prospective high net-worth customers to find new opportunities for outsourcings as well as leading and directing the project management process. Among other responsibilities, Eng Ezz also ensures coordination and effective integration of the proposed solutions with regulatory guidance to meet the desired priorities and main objectives effectively. She uses her extensive experience with customers and end users to successfully able to fulfil this. 

Mrs Ezz El-Din graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University and holds a BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering. She has also completed a Diploma in Communications Engineering from the National Telecommunication Institute (NTI) in Egypt. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI) in Pennsylvania, USA.